7/8 at Cairo: Radio People, Carl Calm, HPV, Same Species

Radio People, Carl Calm, HPV, Same Species

Local Seattle musician Adam Svenson is hosting a show at Cairo on July 8th.  The stellar lineup includes the kosmiche-pop jams of Radio People (Sam Goldberg, Mist), the abstract digital hymns of Carl Calm (member of Caboladies, Palmetto Moon Electronic Group), improv synth energies of Harpoon Pole Vault (Gift Tapes/Brother Raven) and the new trio of Jermaine Blair, Matthew Ford & Adam Svenson called Same Species.

Cairo / 507 East Mercer Street / Seattle, Washington 98102

Upcoming DRAFT release preview: Telecult Powers collab tape

Telecult Powers live

Visitation Rites posted a brief preview of the upcoming Telecult Powers collab tape Stars Are the Eyes of God, due out on DRAFT this July (also posted on A.Z.).  The duo of Witchbeam & Mister Matthews reaches new levels as they shape-shift into new entities: Hecate’s Fountain is Telecult joined by Lala Ryan of Excepter; Inner Spaced is Telecult and John Elliott of Outer Space/Emeralds.  This tape sees the ultra-abstract-space-music duo enter into new territory, while simultaneously providing a new dimension to both their work as a duo and the work of their collaborators.  Stars Are the Eyes of God, coming to DRAFT this July.

5/20 Tiger Hatchery, Panabrite, Wally Shoup +

5/20 Tiger Hatchery Seattle

This Friday, May 20th come check out a super diverse show here in Seattle, featuring Chicago’s free/punk trio Tiger Hatchery, epic library synth jammer Panabrite, old-school jazz shredders Wally Shoup & Don Berman duo and a set of improvised saxophone by Wilson Shook with live analog modular synth processing / sampling by Jason E Anderson.  The action begins at 8PM at Gallery 1412 (1412 18th Ave – 18th & E Union).  Don’t miss this rare night of eclectic jams!


Pacific Support mentions & another Japan Comp on tape!

Pacific Support :: D008

New Pacific Support compilation shout-outs! Check them out at OMG Vinyl, Zen Effects, The Stranger, and this great article called Japan Earthquake Fundraiser Roundup in the The Wire.  To date, we’ve sent out all of our orders and distribution copies, so expect to see them in your mailbox or track them down at these fine distro outlets: Mimaroglu Music Sales, Discriminate Music & Tomentosa.

Gaman :: Electric Temple

Electric Temple announced their new Japan benefit comp, all proceeds directed to Shelter Box.  This tape’s lineup looks amazing and it’s a double-cassette release!  Downloads are also available, pre-order now at: Electric Temple.

Cassette 1: Animal Hospital – Dreams William, Fowler Collins – Autumn Lights, High aura’d – Methodist Bells, Phantom Family Halo – Guns and Violens, Steven R. Smith-Regen Volt, Glenn Jones – Portland Cement Factory, Angel Olsen – She Came and She Touched Me, Pete Stampfel and Eli Smith – Castor and Pollux, Zelienople – Smoked, Lee Noble – August, Loren Connors – Yesterday and Today
Cassette 2: Forma – FORMA 178, GDFX – Forever a Bone, Reuben Son – Dancing into Sandtraps, Ancient Ocean – New Rising Sun, Sic Alps – Anasazi Chemist, Herbcraft – Sunset Glow, The North Sea – Sugar, Clearing – Untitled, Amen Dunes – Lower Class, Heavy Hymns – Prayer Swati (David First), Rambutan – The Kingfisher, Steve Gunn – Taksim II (Live in Montreal)



Today we’re announcing the release of Pacific Support, a benefit compilation tape created in support of the ongoing disaster relief efforts in Japan. All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross to help fund those efforts. The compilation consists of 13 unreleased tracks by experimental electronic musicians featuring: Rene Hell, Pulse Emitter, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Greg Davis, Matt Carlson, The North Sea, solo tracks by both members of the Caboladies (Carl Calm & Flower Man), Panabrite, Temporal Marauder, Golden Retriever, Brother Raven, and a new duo project by Geoff Mullen & Sakiko Mori called Make a New Memory.

Support Japan and purchase some amazing music! Available at draftrecords.com and coming soon to Mimaroglu Music Sales and Discriminate Music. Special thanks to the artists involved for donating their work, our distributors for donating their services, and National Audio Company for generously donating the entire 300-edition run.

Artist websites: Rene Hell, Carl Calm, Matt Carlson, Flowerman, The North Sea, Panabrite, Greg Davis, Temporal Marauder, Make a New Memory (Geoff Mullen & Sakiko Mori), Golden Retriever, Pulse Emitter, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Brother Raven